What A Last Bencher Does At Class

Well here goes the story !

1st hour - Very fresh mind, plan about the daily activity

2nd hour - Open tiffin box loudly & start munching the whole period & wash hands at the same place !!!!!


3rd Hour - Come 15 min late to class, start combing & trimming our hairs, play some weird word games

4th hour -continue play for 15 min, push off the last guy sitting at the corner & fight for sometime, then sleep off


5th hour - Play with ringtones (meow meow tone) irritate the H.O.D. Give missed calls on his cell, Call out names .....

6th hour -Bunk .... Think ..... Sight seeing, Play !!!!!!

7th hour -Mass bunk or else Butt Kicking for those not bunking at Head office(Restroom)