Hockey world cup 2010

How many of us Indians know that the Indian hockey world cup is being held at India from the 28th of Feb 2010?? Misunderstandings between Sehwag and Dhoni become the headlines and flash news. A cricketer is paid in millions whereas a Hockey player is deprived of his insurance money for his eye surgery (Baljit Singh lost his eye when the ball hit him during a practice session).
Cricketers earn million through ads and sponsorships however a hockey player is not even being called as a Chief Guest for a local hockey tournament (A cricketer was called eventually).
Such is the state of Indian Hockey (Our national Sport). Worshiping cricket as God has to be stopped to ease the pressure of cricketers and bring Indian Hockey's glory back.
The hockey world cup is being tele-casted live and please encourage these sportsmen to perform better and SAVE INDIAN HOCKEY...


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Hockey is the national sport 4 India know ???