Well you all know about this formula I just mentioned above, more than that it's a formula I using here as blog title, you can ask why a technical formula is preferred as your blog title?

Well a simple answer from my side, this is a simple blog but the things going to express here are in more technical form(professional picturesque) where you can easily recognize the technical things in a simple form.

Einstein already proposed a module and based on that he accomplished this formula, where it means energy can be neither created nor destroyed but it transfer's in one form to another, yes it is true. More than that you are going to see a new evolution of energy which are going to transfer through you(while reading) in one form and to another( while you cultivating the things from your reading(form one)). So this evolution of energy will create a revolution in blog world with high voltage energy that too in a rapid transfer mode through you( Friend I just mentioning you alone here, Ya come on reading, Enjoy reading here but don't forget to spread what you read from here} Cheers........