Faster Transfer rate...

Tired of transferring data from your computer to your pen drive at low speeds??
Well here comes USB [Universal Serial Bus] 3.0  . It has the capacity to transfer data at the rate of 4.6Gbps. Yes 4.6 Gbps. Ten times faster than a conventional USB 2.0 [400 mpbs]. USB 3.0 compatible devices can also be used in USB 2.0 ports at usual transfer rate of 400Mbps and USB 2.0 compatible devices can be used in USB 3.0 ports at the same speed (400 Mbps). This backward compatibility is its main advantage compared to other upgrades. An 8 Gb Blue ray Movie can be transferred to your pen drive within seconds.

USB 3.0 compatible devices are expected to become global within the next few months.


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