Is it worth worrying about 21st December 2012...???

Never before in history has there been such a speculation about the end of the world... The earth as we all know is said to self destruct on 21st December 2012... Well the Mayan calender one of the most precise calenders ever ends on this particular day... So did Nostradamus the Prophet predict about this end centuries ago... Coming to the point... Is it really worth worrying about this day??? Frankly speaking... NO... It is to be noted that millions of predictions have been by these prophets and only as many as a few hundreds have ever happened... Remember World War III was predicted to to take place during the end of 20th century???
 I don't see any war happening... Except for war on terrorism... Please note that the world should have already ended according to predictions made earlier ( There are numerous predictions that the world would end during the 14th, 18th and 20th centuries respectively)... Well we are still alive... Which means the earth is  running its grace time... So be happy to be walking alive...


Amen to this post. People are funny - they freak out about everything. It's like bringing horses to drink. Lead and they will follow. When nothing happens people will give an excuse.

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