Politics not a service anymore but a profession!!!

Here is the salary and concessions for Indian Member of Parliaments [MPs]...

  • Monthly salary                                                                            Rs.12000
  • Expense for Constituition per month                                            Rs.10000
  • Office expenditure per month                                                      Rs 14000
  • Traveling concession                                                                   Rs 48000
  • Daily TA DA during parliament meets per day                             Rs 500
  • Charge for Iclass trains                                                             Free(any number of times)
  • Charge for business class in flights                                             Free for 40 trips/year
  • Rent for Mp hostel at Delhi                                                       Free
  • Electricity cost                                                                          Free upto 50000 units
  • Local phone calls                                                                      Free upto 1,70,000calls
Total expense per MP [Having no qualification] : Rs. 32,00,000
Total expense for 5 years : Rs. 1,60,00,000

For 534 Mps= Rs8,54,40,00,000/- 

This is how our tax is getting wasted and our prime minister asks our CEOs to cut their salaries...