Save Tigers...

recent study has revealed that the tiger population has dropped from as many as 40000 to as few as a 800. Tigers are expected to become extinct in the next few years if this continues. Tigers are being poached for their skin and for other medicinal purposes. the Wildlife Conservation society has also offered a ray of hope that the Tiger population can be stabilized if rigorous conservation continues.

The main threat to tiger population is the extinction of its prey like Deer, boar and other cattle in a particular area. This leads the tigers to starvation and eventually death.

We as citizen of this society must just not be interested in conservation but also act towards it. When the buying reduces the demand reduces. Hence stop buying tiger products which may reduce poaching drastically.

Save the Tiger!


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everyone should spread this among people /////


we will support this thread for sure


I support the cause..!!
Save Tiger..


i am supporting the cause
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have to support d most splendid n awesome creatures on this planet... M wth u, for this cause.............


if humans have ful ryte 2 live a peaceful lyf on earth den y animals not....because they cant speak they r not able to express der feelings in doesn't mean dat we should harm them for fulfilling our needs ....but we should not forget that these animals plays very important role in our biological pyramid in which tiger is tertiary animal its existence really mean for us...we should do something for dis cause.


A really hot topic and this is a very very good initiative.

Please spread the word people!