Vettaikkaran Film Review...

5 Fight scenes
5 songs (1 intro song, 1 romance song foreign location, 1 village song, 1 item song, 1 veer song)
Vijay is the comedian as well.
Whenever Anushka comes, there will be a song.
Fights ropes are used extensively  (even when Vijay walks)
Highlight Vijays getup in “Chinna Thamarai” song
Vettaikaran Gist
Vijay comes to Chennai
Meets Anushka gajagaja
Comes across villain
Villain attacks Vijays so called sister sentiment attack  - fight
Vijay attacks Villains son fight
Villain takes revenge on Vijay
Vijay takes revenge on Villain kills him
End of story

Vettaikaran -  story in brief:
Vijay finally completes +2 after 4 attempts. Wants to become a police officer like “Devaraj” IPS. Comes to Chennai for studies. Meets Anushka on the way and then romance.
Vijay drives Auto for a living and attends college. Villain is a big goon in Chennai.  Vijay comes across villain while clearing traffic. Villain earmarks Vijay as his enemy.
Villain becomes very notorious, molests Vijays so called sister. Vijay in full josh. Then fight. Villain hospitalized. Then villains vendetta. Vijay is arrested by bad cops. Encounter attempt for Vijay. As usual Vijay escapes by jumping from waterfall and becomes Vettaikaran Interval
Vijay forms gang. Wears leather jacket instead of auto driver shirt. Goes around in Ford Endeavor black color. Always walks with a gang behind him. Villains father big villain takes revenge by killing Vijays friend. Vijay again takes revenge by killing big Villains son. Romance songs are there between scenes. Then Vijay takes away money and power of big villain as we see in Dhool and Bhagavathi. Villain is more like the villain in Sivaji. Same bg music and effects for big villain. Finally big villain is killed and Vijay enjoys with Anushka.


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