Fastest Man on Earth...

Ever wondered who is the fastest sprinter in the world...  Well its none other than the Jamaican born Usain Bolt a.k.a Lightning bolt... Born on 21st August 1986 the sprinter won three gold medals in the recent olympics and stunned the world with his amazing speed...He holds the world record for all the three races 100m, 200, and 400m... He became the first sprinter to finish 200m in 19.19s and 100m in 9.58s and 400m in 45.28s... His coach is Fitz Coleman under whom Bolt turned professional in 2004... The sprinter is also an Cricket enthusiast and would have become a fast bowler had he not become a sprinter...


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That was fast.I wonder what he eats everyday. Maybe lots and lots of spinach.


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What about that Bolt dude? I thought he was the fastest man in the history of the world.

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