Speed up Windows 7...

Here are a few easy and effective ways to speed up your windows 7 and keep your computer performing with maximum efficiency...

  • Goto start and type "msconfig" (without quotes), move to move tab at the top of the window and change the timeout from 30 to 3 seconds and move to startup tab next and uncheck all those softwares that you do not use frequently and hit apply...  This tip increases your startup and shutdown time...
  • Goto start again and type "regedit" and navigate ypur way to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> System -> Currentcontrolset -> Control... Double Click on waittokillservicetimeout and change it from 12000 to 3000... This reduces the shut down time... 
  • Goto start -> My Computer.. Right click on My Computer and click properties... Goto Advanced system settings and in the advanced tab click "performance" and check "adjust for best performance"which may bring it to windows classic or just check "Custom" and check all the features you want..
  • Defragment your hard drive regularly (once a month) by typing "System Defragmenter" in the search bar at start..

Hope these tips speed up your windows 7 and please do not forget to comment....


Really a helpful article for windows 7 users .


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Nice tips but not for me because I still using Vista. ^_^"


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