Asal - An outright Ajith film

ASAL - Thala semma Style
Story - A little different
Music - Moderate
Style - 100% - Thala rocks
Villain - Not strong enough to face Thala
Dialogues - very less for Thala - as the tag line says "Power of Silence"

Hit song - Tottadaing
Super Scene - Bhavana and Sameera get chased by villians - they hit a dead end - then from the background, smoke appears - a signal of Thala's cigar - then Thala appears in full style - WOW!!!!

Thala in twin role - Father Thala is the owner of a weapons manufacturing company in Paris. He is honest in his business and supplies weapons only to Governments. He has 3 children - 1. Sampath, 2. Rajiv Krishna  and 3. Thala - who is the son of Father Thala's second wife. So Sampath and Rajiv do not like Thala. Thala has a girlfriend (Sameera Reddy) in Paris.

Rajiv and Sampath consider dealing with Mumbai goons for illegal weapons business. Father Thala does not like this and stops them from doing this business. But these two guys go ahead with the deal without their father's knowledge.  Soon father Thala dies.

Rajiv is suddenly kidnapped by the Mumbai goon from Paris and brought to Mumbai. Thala goes to Mumbai to save his step brother and saves him with the help of Prabhu and Yuhi Sethu. Thala meets Bhavana in Mumbai and she becomes an immediate fan of Thala (She HAS to become one). After rescuing Rajiv from the goons, Rajiv and Sampath kill Thala by shooting him.


Sampath and Rajiv come to Paris and enjoy their life with all the wealth. As expected Thala does not die. He comes to Paris with Bhavana and kills both Rajiv and Sampath. Actually, Rajiv and Sampath would have killed father Thala for want of wealth.
Then Sameera leaves way for Bhavana and goes away. Then Bhavana and Thala gajagaja.

End of story.